Natalie is so excited to be a part of this cast! She has a background that includes volunteering and eventually working at a full time care center for children. She also has been trained vocally and in dance most of her life. She was a part of quite a few dance/choir/theatre productions since the age of 12. She now attends Meredith College and is a theatre major while pursuing a k-12 teaching licensure. She is thrilled to be working beside so many beautiful and talented women and making new friends!


My name is Carolina Gao and I play Moana when with Party Like a Princess. I am a freshman Theatre Education Major at Meredith College. I have been acting in musicals and plays since the sixth grade and have been singing since kindergarten starting in choir then moving more towards musical theatre. I love being a princess because it not only gives me a chance to act and sing but I get to spend time and bring joy to the kids I come in contact with. 


Katya has loved performing since she was a little girl with pigtails dancing on the coffee table. Growing up, her passion for acting and singing was ignited by opportunities to live internationally and showcase her talent. Throughout her journey in performing arts, some of her highlights include being Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine (Aladdin), and Glinda (Wizard of Oz). She is vocally trained, and continues to be coached as she keeps performing in musicals. She has had lots of experience with children, and is the popular neighborhood babysitter.  When not onstage, Katya can be found reading the stack of books on her nightstand, singing karaoke, and watching Disney movies.


DeAnna is an elementary education major at Wake Tech, transferring to UNC Charlotte. She has had a passion for  theatre for six years, working behind set or in the spotlight for eleven productions, in addition to being a YMCA counselor and a nanny. DeAnna is thrilled to be playing Rapunzel with Party like a Princess. Ever since she was little she dreamt that she could be a princess, by dressing up, dancing around, or dreaming for Prince Charming. Disney Princesses taught her to follow her dreams, that it is okay to be different, and making people happy is the most important thing in the world. She feels connected to Rapunzel because of how much Rapunzel loves to dream and isn't afraid to try new things and adventure beyond her comfort zone. DeAnna loves that she can brighten someone's day and inspire so many young children just like Rapunzel does.


Zoe is a theatre and psychology major at Meredith College.  She has performed in numerous stage productions and has studied both stage and film acting. Zoe is thrilled to take on the role of Cinderella, a princess who she has always admired. She believes that being a princess is a magical experience that allows her to be influential to children who, not unlike herself, look up to the princesses and connect with what they represent. The best thing about being a princess is having the ability to impact others and inspire them to make their dreams come true.


Stella is a Theatre Major with a Musical Theatre concentration at Meredith College. She is passionate about many different artistic hobbies, including singing, acting, and painting. She has been taking voice lessons for 5 years. Her vocal accomplishments include competing in the national voice competition NATS at the state and regional level and placing 3rd in her category at the state level. She has been involved in theater for all of high school at Barriskill Dance Theatre School. Her favorite theatre roles include Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Jo March (Little Women), Fiona (Shrek the Musical), and Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves). She is thrilled for this opportunity to be a princess. She enjoys working with children and has worked as a nanny, babysitter, and camp councilor. She loves portraying spunky and passionate princesses and making dreams come true. 
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